Remy – FD

Remy is a large, handsome Papillon with a penchant for tennis balls, squeaky toys, and anything that moves. Born Dec.2, 2002, he found me when he was 2 and became an enthusiastic Flyballer in 2005. He has worked very hard to become a solid member of Ballistic Racers and I am very proud of him! Remy also enjoys being my furry shadow, trading tricks for treats, and has recently started training for Agility.



Jessie is an exuberant black diamond in the rough who was found as a stray, super hand-shy and wary of humans. Although somewhat rare, we figure she is a Patterdale terrier with a tail. After bonding to her new owner in a matter of hours, she quickly expressed high intelligence and agility, as well as a particular fondness for Remy, who is her doggie mentor and best friend. Her owner is very glad she will not get any bigger than her current size, as her personality is somewhere in between a Jack and Border = a lot of work! Jessie has come a long way as far as becoming more socialized and confident, and picked up obedience and Flyball very quickly. Watching her gliding over the jumps on her returns, we have high hopes for her future as a Flyballer and awesome companion.


remyselina & remy



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