On May 23rd and 24th, 2009, Ballistic Racers participated in the U-FLI flyball tournament held in Ramona. It was a very successful tournament with six dogs making their debuts.

On Saturday, Indie, Bailey, Dennis, Molly, Sasha, Chloe and Jessie all ran singles races. One of the best aspects of the U-FLI tournaments, is the singles racing. Singles allows new dogs that may not be quite ready for the team relay to still race. It’s a great way for novice dogs to get their feet wet without affecting or being affected by the pressure of team racing

On Sunday, Dennis ran with the team consisting of Zippy, Blast, Makaso, Rex, Herbie and Remy. Bailey and Indie ran pairs, while Molly, Jessie, Sasha, Chloe, and Jag ran singles.

It was fun and exciting to see so many new dogs doing so well.

6161 Ramona 05-23-09

6615 Ramona 05-23-09


6316 Ramona 05-23-09 copy

6257 Ramona 05-23-09

6556 Ramona 05-23-09

6629 Ramona 05-23-09

6725 Ramona 05-23-09

6775 Ramona 05-23-09

5913 Ramona 05-23-09

6734 Ramona 05-23-09

6726 Ramona 05-23-09

6727 Ramona 05-23-09

7106 Ramona 05-23-09

6211 Ramona 05-23-09


Thank you Jane, for all the super pictures!

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