ATTENTION, calling all dog owners! If you have a dog that loves to play ball, maybe Flyball is for you. Flyball is a dog sport for purebreds, mixed breeds, and rescues. Large, medium and small dogs can all play flyball. Now is an excellent time for you and your dog to learn the fastest growing dog sport before spring and summer tournaments are here.

Interested in learning more?  Use the form below to contact the team!

5 Responses to “About”

  1. goodbear Says:

    cool new blog!!!

  2. Denise Visocky Says:

    I am very interested in speaking with someone in reference to my Aussie, Aurora. She can retrieve just as well as my Lab, she puts the ball or frisbe in my hand or at my feet evey time and doesn’t want to quit. She needs to be involved in events, I feel she would be excellent, how can we get involved?

  3. Gwen Momita Says:

    I’m not exactly signing up, but I’m sending a shout-out to Zippy!💕👍🏼😍

    1. Brian and Joanne Says:

      Thank you Gwen for thinking of Zippy.

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