February 2010

By Ashley

Chloe came for a breeder in Hemet, Calif. Chloe was eight weeks old when I got her. She is an Australian Sheppard who loves to play fetch. Chloe gets really excited when she knows it is flyball time. She is very athletic and a very devoted dog. She was very shy when meeting new dogs, but since she started flyball she gets excited when she sees other dogs. Chloe loves being with the other dogs now. When she runs she has a giddy up in her run. She is a very happy dog who gives it her best when it comes to flyball.

6161 Ramona 05-23-09


by Kelly

Dennis was an abandoned and neglected vizsla, who was nursed back to health by Kelly, and her husband Jim, a little over two years ago. The vet ballparked his age as between one and two years old at the time.

Flyball has helped Dennis continue his healing journey. He has gained a confidence that he did not have before. Initially he was super afraid of the flyball box, and approached it like he was being asked to remove a ticking grenade from it. He would “suck” the ball out of the hole, ever so careful not to touch the box, lest he touch and trigger the box. Eventually he learned that he could earn treats by touching the box, and it was at this point that he decided the box was not his enemy, but  a slot machine that would dispense yummy chicken treats if he could just find the right place to touch. He would stand with his front feet on top of the box, touching it with his nose, tapping it with his foot, even checking behind it for a secret button, much like an addicted canine gambler at a slot machine!

Nowadays, Dennis has no trouble at all getting on that box and whizzing back with the ball. He has even earned himself a few flyball titles!
Nov. 15, 2009

Flyball is a dog sport known for its many success stories. Makaso and Rex are shining examples of diamonds in the rough in the rescue world. Dedicated family members, Wendell, Laura, and Kiyomi helped these career change dogs into flyball stars and wonderful family members.

Here is their story written by Wendell, Laura, & Kiyomi.