October 2009

By Brian and Joanne Matsumoto

Touch N Go from Las Vegas, the world’s fastest flyball team, came to share their expertise with our team, Ballistic Racers. It was an all day affair at Skydance Ranch in Oceanside, California, on a Saturday which was warmer than usual. With their three trainers and one helper, Touch N Go dealt with many issues. Several landmark accomplishments were met as our dogs made vast improvements. Katy, Nadine, and Stephanie, used their expert techniques to individualize instruction, helping each dog to be the best it could be.



By Linda Drabova

Well, even a dog athlete needs a little time off. Indie and his human pack along with his Bengal cat sister, Bandit, visited Lake Arrowhead near Los Angeles for a couple of days. Indie has definitely enjoyed his boat ride and has had no fear of the big water. His face says it all: “Woof, it’s good to be me”
life is good

Indie at Lake Arrowhead, “I am the king!”
I am the king