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One of the best finds for any type of dog treat is the “Cadaver Bar” (canine dog treat bar) at the Zoom Room in Encinitas. They have an exceptional assortment of high quality exotic dog treats. The stainless steel tables attractively displays large glass jars filled with tasty treats for your dog. Your canine buddy will love the unique treats such as kangaroo jerky, duck feet, fish skins, tripe twist, etc.


A real plus about the bar is being able to create your own “custom” treat bag for your dog. Rather than purchasing a bag of mass produced treats from a local pet chain and finding out that your dog won’t touch the treats, the Zoom Room allows you to create your own custom bag. The selection and quality of the products are amazing and your dog will just love them. Whether your dog is a canine professional in flyball or agility, or just the best dog in the world, you want to give him a special treat. As for a gift for your favorite canine friends, treats from the Zoom Room are a must!


The Zoom Room has the best selection and best prices in town for high quality treats such as cod skins and duck feet starting as low as .99 cents. There is always a knowledgeable and friendly staff member who is available to answer any questions about the treats, products, dog toys, and dog food. Not able to get to the store? Not a problem, the staff is able to make up your own “custom treat bag” and ship it to you.

When you go there, tell them Zoom sent you. Woof, Woof.

Zoom Room
1331 Encinitas Blvd.
Encinitas, CA 92024
858 848 9666


I bought Control Unleashed about a year and a half ago, when my training had hit a wall and it seemed like nothing I did worked for very long, if at all.  In my case, I was dealing with a rescue dog who had some wonderful accomplishments behind him, but he had developed some pretty intense phobias along with generalized anxiety which required that I give him a long break from flyball and agility while I figured out what to do, because clearly, what we were doing just wasn’t fun for either of us anymore.

During this break from all dog sports, I delved into every  book and dvd imaginable.  The one book  that changed my dog’s life the most was Control Unleashed, by  Leslie McDevitt.  I also found it of great benefit  to  watch Leslie’s DVDs:  “Game Demonstrations-A Foundation Seminar” (4 DVD set), and “Control Unleashed- Game Demonstrations” (3 DVD set).   Being able to read the book, then actually see Leslie work with dogs of various personalities, to observe the individual responses and nuances in the dogs’ body language, and to  be able to observe the precise behavior Leslie was clicking for, was invaluable to me.  These DVDs are available at Clean Run in many formats, from eBook to  video on demand for individual  exercises.


Control Unleashed provides a series of structured exercises or “games” which you do with your dog.  The exercises are simple and easy to learn, but surprisingly effective.  Dogs enjoy and respond to these games quickly, because they are fun and rewarding.  They get totally absorbed in the game, deepening their connection to the trainer.  In fact, when given the opportunity (in fact, told) to “take a break” from the game and be a dog (e.g., sniff the grass, check out that garbage can, etc. …) the dog often chooses to continue working instead.

Why are these games so effective at creating a focused and confident dog?  Well, for many reasons.

First and foremost, they  create a safe and predictable routine in which learning can take place.  It is very critical that  the dog is always doing the exercises and  playing the games “below threshold”.  This means that he is not  barking, tucking tail, freezing,  lunging, staring, stiff,  or “locked onto” the object of his concern (aka the trigger) in any way.  A good distance is where he notices the presence of the trigger, but it isn’t overly consuming his attention.  Your dog still notices that you are alive and is able to work with you.  He isn’t “zoning” or as Leslie McDevitt would say, “off riding the unicorns”.  This is the perfect training distance.

However, what is the perfect training distance one day may not be the perfect training distance the next day. The next important thing you must do is learn to “read” your dog.  Kind of like when your best friend is able to look at you and say, “Something’s bothering you, isn’t it?” and you haven’t even said a word to them.  They know what you normally look like when you are happy and relaxed, and they can recognize minute changes in your demeanor.  We must learn to be keenly observant of our dogs’ body language, because only then can we honor the relationship, the team partnership, with our dog.  And like any friendship, the more we respect each other’s needs, the closer we become.  And truly, isn’t that what we all want?  A close working partnership where our sports dog craves the mental stimulation and connection with us?

The book is clearly written and easy to read.  I found myself using many bookmarks, and referred to it over and over as I would work with my dog to learn a game, then move on to another one.  Control Unleashed games are simple yet powerfully effective, and  would make a valuable addition to anyone’s dog training shelf.  Whether you want to get the most out of your performance dog or just deepen your relationship with your canine best friend, Control Unleashed is the way to go.

by Kelly V.

This is a foldable wagon we bought from Costco.  It comes out of the box already assembled and is very easy to fold up again.  There is a looped handle in the middle of the wagon bed that you just pull up on to get it to fold.  Our twelve year old vizsla, Tucker, fits in perfectly. Due to some health issues, he tires very easily, and this cart looks like it will make the perfect “sag wagon” during walks.  We’ve been looking for a cart which would fold down smaller and be more portable than the stroller we purchased several months ago.  I gave him rides around the backyard with it, and am teaching him to “speak” when he wants to be lifted out.  Tuck has learned quite quickly that speaking means he gets lifted out of the wagon, and in the demo video, he prefers to just sit in the wagon in anticipation of more treats appearing.  The wagon is currently in the backyard, airing out that “new vinyl” smell.  I think it will be fine by the end of the day.

I am very satisfied with the purchase.  It will be very useful for hauling flyball stuff at tournaments, and will be Tucker’s personal chariot when not in flyball use.

By Kelly V.

Tuck, our 11 1/2 year old, 40 pound vizsla, is no longer able to keep up with the rest of the pack on walks, due to some health issues.  Not wanting to leave him at home, we searched for a dog stroller aka “the sag wagon” that he could ride in when he ran out of steam.  After much research, we decided on the Pet Gear Expedition Stroller.  First of all, although there’s plenty of strollers to choose from for lap size dogs, it’s much more difficult to find a stroller for a larger size breed.  This stroller is plenty big enough for Tuck, as well as being able to carry some additional supplies.



Reviewed by Jane Ozuna

Our Border Collie (Sasha) has a leash fetish. She can destroy a normal leash in minutes (and has done it several times). The Aspen Pet Easy Hitch 2 Mountain Leash is one of the most amazing leashes we’ve ever used. This tough leash is made of intertwined nylon rope (approx 1’” in diameter). Sasha hasn’t been able to destroy this one, even though she tries!
The handle of the leash has a clasp that opens and closes to allow your pet to be secured to a tree or railing without having to remove the leash from the collar. We love it for Flyball, as we can secure the leash around our waist while running Sasha. How easy is that?! It’s also a super strong and durable leash. The leash is made of intertwined nylon rope and comes in red or gray. Available in 6’ length. You can purchase the leash at Petco stores and it sells for $27.99. has it for $17.99. It’s a little pricey, but well worth it.

Sasha models her Easy Hitch 2 Leash