Celebrating the lives of friends and teammates who are no longer with us

A Memorial To Lori Fournier

 lori We will forever miss our team member Lori Fournier. We knew Lori for only a year, but it was a year filled with excitement, new friendship and a common love, our dog companions. Lori was able to teach us as much as we taught her. We taught her the sport of Flyball while she taught us about new ways of handling our dogs regarding obedience. She had extensive general knowledge of dog training, handling, and breeding, which she was always willing to share with us. Lori and Harlow, a Bearded Collie, loved Flyball and were always on time for practice. If we were late, Lori would scold us and remind us that she had to wait. Harlow was an extremely fast learner so Flyball came naturally for her. Lori worried about Harlow’s chasing of other dogs. Even at the last practice Lori attended, we discussed how we were going to set up more side by side racing so Harlow could overcome the chase problem. Lori was a great asset to our team and will be deeply missed. We treasure he times we shared with her at practice, at the demo in Vista, and at the tournament in Ramona. When she joined, we had just started our new team and had only been going for a couple of months. Lori and Harlow were our first handler and dog combination to graduate from the beginning class to our advanced practice, so we felt a special bond with them. Ballistic Racers, will move on but not without Lori’s special help. The lives of our members and our dogs will definitely be better since they were touched by this caring lady. We pay tribute to Lori, her unselfish knowledge which she shared with us, her contagious laugh which we heard each time Harlow made a perfect run, and the good times we shared with the Bearded Collie Lady. Lori will be missed by all of us, people and dogs alike. May God Bless Lori Forever


INT/AM CH Ha’Penny Harlow At Surfsong, HIC.

This little Bearded Collie girl was born February 1, 2002. She flew 1st class to CA from NJ at 9 weeks to join the two Beardie boys in the Fournier family. She loves herding sheep, dog shows and “Meet the Breeds” which she considers parties put on just for her. She’ll stand on a grooming table for hours greeting her “fans”. At home, this mother of eight likes to grab a toy to get her housemates to chase her while she runs laps over, around and through the agility equipment. A newcomer to flyball, it is a game she loves.

harow lori b'day
Minnie was a German Shepherd Cattle Dog mix from Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas. She was owned by Brian and Joanne Matsumoto and loved to play flyball. She held an FD, FDX, FDCH, and an FDCH-S titles in NAFA. In U-FLI she held Top Flight I, II, and III as well as Top Flight Executive I titles. Minnie also enjoyed agility, showing off the many tricks she knew and her skills in obedience. Two of her most favorite things in life were going for walks to the beach and going for rides in the car.

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