by Kelly V.

This is a foldable wagon we bought from Costco.  It comes out of the box already assembled and is very easy to fold up again.  There is a looped handle in the middle of the wagon bed that you just pull up on to get it to fold.  Our twelve year old vizsla, Tucker, fits in perfectly. Due to some health issues, he tires very easily, and this cart looks like it will make the perfect “sag wagon” during walks.  We’ve been looking for a cart which would fold down smaller and be more portable than the stroller we purchased several months ago.  I gave him rides around the backyard with it, and am teaching him to “speak” when he wants to be lifted out.  Tuck has learned quite quickly that speaking means he gets lifted out of the wagon, and in the demo video, he prefers to just sit in the wagon in anticipation of more treats appearing.  The wagon is currently in the backyard, airing out that “new vinyl” smell.  I think it will be fine by the end of the day.

I am very satisfied with the purchase.  It will be very useful for hauling flyball stuff at tournaments, and will be Tucker’s personal chariot when not in flyball use.