By Kelly V.

Tuck, our 11 1/2 year old, 40 pound vizsla, is no longer able to keep up with the rest of the pack on walks, due to some health issues.  Not wanting to leave him at home, we searched for a dog stroller aka “the sag wagon” that he could ride in when he ran out of steam.  After much research, we decided on the Pet Gear Expedition Stroller.  First of all, although there’s plenty of strollers to choose from for lap size dogs, it’s much more difficult to find a stroller for a larger size breed.  This stroller is plenty big enough for Tuck, as well as being able to carry some additional supplies.


Features include:

  • Large protective pet compartment
  • Adjustable height handle
  • waterproof tray
  • Easy fold mechanism
  • Interior dimensions 42 x 30.3 x 37.8-inches; for pets up to 150-pounds


The Pet Gear Expedition Stroller is quite sturdy and well built.  It folds down pretty easily, but in order to get it into the trunk of my compact Mazda 3, I have to also pop the large rear wheels off.  Not too hard to do, just push in the center of the wheel and slide off, but it is another step. The empty stroller weighs 33 pounds, but to be expected from a stroller  that can carry up to 150 pounds.

The stroller works well on hard packed dirt off road trails, but is not easy to roll in loose sand, like at a beach.  The front wheels swivel, but can be put into a locked straight position if  desired.  The “brakes” can be set by  stepping on the tabs near the rear wheels.


There’s also a couple of pouches on the bag of the stroller for small items  like your keys, a ball, poop bags, sunglasses, etc…

We like to put a travel size soft bed in the stroller for Tuck to sit on.   Tuck enjoys riding with the top and front mesh areas unzipped (side areas do not unzip).  There is also an adjustable nylon strap that you can attach to your dog’s collar.   This works well for preventing Tuck from suddenly jumping out and hurting himself as the stroller is moving.  When Tuck has rested sufficiently and is ready to walk again, he lets us know with a whine, and we stop and let him out.  Having a stroller sure beats carrying a 40 pound dog!