Flyball is a dog sport known for its many success stories. Makaso and Rex are shining examples of diamonds in the rough in the rescue world. Dedicated family members, Wendell, Laura, and Kiyomi helped these career change dogs into flyball stars and wonderful family members.

Here is their story written by Wendell, Laura, & Kiyomi.

Makaso and Rex were rescued from shelters 5 years ago. Makaso and Rex have since battled their way to Flyball Excellence! After 18 months of diligent training by Brian and Joanne, these dogs finally had a place in the world. Makaso, a cattledog mix, is super fast, super smart, and is completely devoted to Wendell. He is the original Bullet Dog*. Makaso is a crowd pleaser with his trademark swimmer’s turn and tough work ethics.

Rex, a terrier mix, is ALWAYS happy and is completely devoted to Makaso and comfortable sleeping spots. A handsome pup that loves his job on the flyball course.

Their “currency” is yummy treats, but for flyball they would happily work for free because they LOVE it so much!!!!
for joanne

*Ballistic Racers has 2 teams, one of which is named Bullet Dogs, in honor of all the hard work, dedication and outstanding fast dogs.