Our Ballistic Racers Flyball Team is celebrating its second anniversary. In the Flyball world, this is a very short time. For our team however, there have been monumental accomplishments made! In the fall of 2007 we started our team with only four members. In just two short years, we are approaching 20 members with some who own multiple dogs. It’s been constant and hard work to say the least, but we are lucky to have so many dedicated handlers who are able to help with their various talents. We are already running two sub-teams under the Ballistic Racers name, and plans for a third are in the works. We feel very proud of ourselves and our team members as we strive to improve our handling techniques, training skills, and the skills of our dogs. We are also celebrating our recent victories and titles which our teams and dogs won in the South Bay. Our Bullet Dogs Team came in First Place at the Run Amuck Tournament at Sweetwater Summit. Our Rocket Racers Team came in Second Place at the Wags for Wishes Tournament at the Otay Ranch Center. Our last tournament at Rohr Park in Bonita, our Rocket Racers Team came in Third Place two days in a row! This was on September 13th and 14th, a tournament we will never forget. Most of these dogs and handlers have started Flyball within the past year, so it’s really quite an accomplishment. Also, the Bullet Dogs Team placed First, with an impressive win over Run Amuck. It came down to the last race of the day for both teams. It was a real “nail biter” of a race, with everyone standing and watching as Ballistic Racers Bullet Dogs overcame Run Amuck’s Team. For Ballistic Racers, it’s been a fun fall of Flyball that we will celebrate with great memories and never forget!