Bailey was adopted from the shelter in Phoenix, AZ, by her dad Christian. At
the time he was a single parent and it got rough for awhile when Bailey came
down with parvo. She pulled through and has been a fighter ever since.
However, Bailey did lack, shall we say, manners. She was somewhat sheltered,
kept indoors and not socialized as a puppy. Bailey spent all her time with her
dad so when Christian decided to move to San Diego California and get married
to Tiffany, she was not thrilled.

9393 Rohr Park 09-12-09

San Diego was great, great weather and a new step-brother, Maddox the pug,
and they have DOG PARKS!!! But still Bailey had a hard time adjusting, she
ate a few couches, a couple of doors, several pairs of shoes and an un-named
number of remotes! One thing bailey always loved is playing ball…she loves
the ball, a little obsessed. In 2008, her dad was called to active duty to
go overseas for a year. Bailey and her step-mom, tiffany had to find a bond.
Tiffany found Ballistic Racers on-line and took bailey to an evaluation. She
was barking and growling, scared of the box and the box loader. However,
brian and Joanne saw potential and Tiffany was dedicated.

Today, bailey is an amazing dog. She LOVES flyball and she is good at it.
She loves having a job to do. At home, she is calmer and no longer has to be
crated to protect the couch. She has good manners and loves her step-mom!
She never misses a jump! Her dad has returned to the United States and hopes
maybe she will run for him too!