The Ballistic Racers Christmas Dinner
Once again our annual Christmas dinner was a huge success. Twenty four of us enjoyed the food and show put on by the chefs at Miyabi Restaurant. Fire, flying utensils and tossed pieces of cooked food were all part of the show. Believe it or not, the food was as good as the show! Everyone participated in a gift exchange which was really fun. People were able to open a new gift or steal a gift from another member. Everyone ended up with a gift, most of which had a dog theme. We were able to celebrate three birthdays as well, with a beautiful chocolate cake and of course singing. Alice, Phyllis, and Shay received the Birthday greetings at this festive occasion. We topped off the night with a delightful CD slide show made and shown by Kelly and her husband Jim. Two hundred twenty nine pictures of the 2009 Ballistic Racers Flyball Team in action were projected on the wall for all to see. These shots included all the dogs and handlers of our entire team. What a year and what a great slide show! Special thanks to all the team members for their generosity in donating to this year’s recipient, Vizsla Rescue. We were able to donate a large crate and a full basket of dog toys, leashes, collars and supplies to a related organization.

Thanks to our team members, Kelly and Jim
for the slide show, Miyabi Restaurant, and
of course all our dogs for another very
successful year of Flyball racing,

Brian and Joanne