When we first got Molly (our Parson Russell Terrier) she weighed only four lbs. and was sweet as can be. At the time we still had our yellow Lab who had been my faithful companion on my daily 4-5 mile walks and a loyal playmate to our three children.

Right away the difference between these two dogs made it imperative that Molly go to puppy class and then basic obedience class. With this stubborn little opinionated terrier we knew we had to take control.I found out about Flyball on a website and gave it a try. Molly loved it! But for me dog handling did not come easy. I had been a soccer coach for years and thought this couldn’t be too hard, right? Well, Brian and Joanne were such great teachers, so patient and kind, that eventually I started enjoying Flyball practice as much as Molly. I have learned to embrace failure and keep trying! After our last tournament Molly has her FD (Flyball Dog) title, this is just the start. Now that our children are “grown” and for the most part leaving the nest my husband and I spend more time enjoying music, water sports and travel – and attending Flyball tournaments! head off at anything that moves. Her humans love her dearly.



Molly & Slash

   Molly & Slash

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