Brandi Carlyle


River & Sky

River is a loveable, gentle, passive, silent, athletic, 49 lb male border collie born March 23, 2009. We got him when he was a puppy at 8 weeks old. He demands a lot of playtime (work) but does have an “off” switch. We initially didn’t believe he would be a Flyball dog because he did not like tennis balls, but he did fetch other toys with no problems. It took him very little time to figure it out, so he is extremely fast and very focused at Flyball now. We began training in Februrary 2010 and in March 2010 he ran his first singles race in Ramona and we were hooked. His favorite toy is the Kong Zinger and he loves the beach and other dogs. His new playmates are a tri blue merle female border collie named Sky, who is very intense with high energy, and a 16 year old lab/pit bull male named Murphy. River thinks Flyball is a VERY serious business and he often doesn’t want to leave from the racing lanes.





Sky Certificate Fall 2011                     Brandi & Skye

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