Linda Drabova


Linda likes to keep Indie happy and healthy. So when she moved to California, Linda started to look for a tracking club to continue Indie’s training and his “best beagle-daschund nose” development that started on the East Coast. However, one morning they met Joanne from Ballistic Racers, and they talked about the flyball. Indie loves playing with balls; either fetching or performing “goalkeeper and Frisbee”. So they gave flyball a shot and Indie was hooked after his first evaluation. Couple practices behind and Linda realized flyball is not only good for her dog but is also a great workout for her! Now that Linda and Indie are part of the flyball family, they are on the way to having the fastest flyball beagle-daschund in the world. “



Indie, not independent and not Indiana Jones; Indie. A 3 ½ year old New Yorker who moved to Southern California just a couple of months ago. He comes originally from an Indiana breeder, hence his name. His lineage is three quarters beagle and one quarter daschund; a member of the new Queen Elizabeth Pocket beagle breed.

As a mix, he acquired personalities from both breeds with excellent markings including a star on his back.

Indie’s traits and a drive make him a wonderful racer. He just wants to please, especially when treats are involved. Here comes the beagle part. His food drive is essential for flyball as he wants to learn everything in order to get a treat.

When not playing flyball, Indie likes to stay active and goes hiking and tracking. He naturally does his “beagling” thing and often chases his sister Bandit, a Bengal cat.

At home, Indie is a calm, sweet dog who likes to snuggle and keep warm under comforter at night. When retired from racing, Indie should be offered a job as a ball seeker/collector at tennis courts. He always looks for the balls and finds the ones lost outside the court. Just send an offer!







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