Pam & Truffle


I’m Truffle a 9-year old Cairn terrier.  Everybody thinks I’m “Toto” from the Wizard of Oz, but I have my own talent (besides being cuter)!  I’ve been training for flyball for almost a year now, and I got to run in my first tournament in Oct.  I never cared about fetching a ball or playing with toys (except when I was a puppy, I liked to chew and rip off stuffed animal body parts).  But when I realized I got TREATS for bringing back a ball, I ran as fast as I could!  I’d been doing agility for about 9 months when my mom met Brian & Joanne.  My mom knew how much I liked to run the agility course and how I would do anything for treats, so we gave flyball a try.  The first night of practice, I thought I was gonna die after a few runs on the course.  But now I’m in such good condition, I can even run with the big dogs!


I never grew up with any animals, so Truffle was my first pet ever.  When we got him at 10 weeks, the only thing my daughter cared about was that he was cute!  When people found out he was the first dog I’d ever owned, they’d say, “And you got a TERRIER??”  I’ve learned a lot about dogs since then, and I have to say that even as a high-energy terrier, Truffle has brought a lot of joy and laughter to our home.  I had no idea how easily he learned things until a friend started teaching him tricks!  I could tell that he really liked performing (especially if treats were involved) and that the mental stimulation was good for him.  So we tried agility training and Truffle really enjoyed that…and he was pretty fast too.  Brian & Joanne introduced us to flyball and since they are such great coaches, Truffle learned the sport in a matter of weeks.  Now, as soon as he realizes he gets to run the flyball course, he starts barking like crazy!


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