Amber and Mochi


Mochi is a rescue from the San Diego Humane Society. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her – the only dog that was jumping around on top of couches and dying for any attention. I adopted her when she was around 4 months as a playmate for her older brother Buster. We began taking her to agility classes where we met Brian/Joanne. They scouted Mochi as a flyball dog after seeing her run “zoomies” around the agility field. When she began her flyball career, she brought her crazy zoom runs with her. She started every practice jumping over practice gates and running around the field. Finally after much practice, she’s now one of the calmest dogs on the team and can actually stay on the flyball course with just a few zoomies left.



Lightning McQueen is a rescue from Helen Woodward Animal Shelter. He recently debuted in his flyball career in May and has been on a great successful journey thanks to the mentoring of big sister Mochi. He fell in love with the sport already – you’ll hear him howl and cry if he doesn’t get his turn. Lightning works for food – he’ll act like he’s a poor starving puppy and inhale anything that moves toward his mouth. His favorite activities include sunbathing, vacuuming the house for food crumbs, tugging, fetching the tennis ball, and shredding things that cost a lot of money.

Mochi & Lightning

 Mochi and<br /> Lightning Collage

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