bill & jane

Bill & Jane

When we lost our Australian shepherd “Lavender” of 14 years, we decided that we wanted another Aussie. In our travels, we ran across a litter of border collies in Bakersfield. After a few months of emailing the owners of the litter, we decided to pick one. Sasha was perfect! She and Bill bonded immediately (he’ll tell you the story if you ask him!) Little did we know how much energy a border collie has! One day while we were playing at the park with Sasha (with her tennis balls, of course!), Brian and Joanne drove by and invited Bill to try her in flyball. At the time she was only 6 months old and we decided to wait until she had a little more obedience training under her belt.

A few months later we took her to a “flyball tryout” and all of us were hooked! Bill is Sasha’s’ main handler and I’m there for support, supplies, pictures and anything else. We’ve been in flyball since April 2009 and Sasha has already competed in 3 tournaments and one exhibition. She received her 1st title in July (FD through NAFA). We share our home with Sasha, Keisha (the old one) and two cats (Binx and Loki). Once you flyball, it’s in the blood. I am now working with one of my clients border collie puppy (Lil B).

 bill & jane


Hello, my name is Sasha. I am a Border collie and am at the ripe young age of 1 1/2 years old. I was born just outside of Bakersfield, CA. I enjoy walks in the park and at the beach. But, my most favorite thing to do is play with tennis balls. There is nothing more important than catching them and running them back to my mom and dad. This is my rookie year in Flyball, I love it very much. The best thing about Flyball is that I get to play with tennis balls and run and run. I hope to win many tournaments in the future.

lil b

Lil B

Hi my name is Lil B, aka baby B. When I was young I had parvoe and ended up at the Bird & Animal Hospital in Del Mar – They took really great care of me and made me well. Then a wonderful family adopted me. My siblings are Toby (Great Dane/Mastiff), Emma (Shepherd cross), Daisy (Dalmation), Mortimer James (Dachsund) and Tigger (boxer). My handler is Jane, who works for my family. When she saw me she knew I needed a purpose – so she made me a “Flyball dog”. She already helps run Sasha (my best friend) with Bill. I love flyball. I’ve already had my 1st tournament and have the distinct honor of “Top Flight” for UFLI. I am a very happy dog and love to please everyone.


janebill & sasha
sasha bill_sas


lil b_racing

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