Team Captains

Brian & Joanne Matsumoto
Brian and Joanne Matsumoto started Ballistic Racers Flyball Team in September of 2007. Having been Flyball Trainers and owning the equipment for a Flyball Team, allowed them to utilize their innovative ideas to quickly get a competitive team up and racing. Their team, Ballistic Racers incorporates ideas from the entire team and is based on fairness as well as allowing new dogs to have an opportunity to play flyball. The team races at tournaments and puts on several demonstrations per year to “give back to the community”. Racing, working hard at the sport, having fun, and enjoying the company of team members and their dogs is what Flyball is all about. We can’t forget to mention delicious Barbecues and Great Birthday Celebrations!
Vegas or “Vegie” as she is fondly called, is a purebred Border Collie who lives to play flyball. She is owned by Joanne and Brian Matsumoto, and is one of the start dogs on our team. Vegie holds an FD, FDX, FDCH, FDCH-S, FDCH-G, and an FM NAFA titles. In U-FLI, she holds Top Flight I, II, and III, as well as Top Flight Executive I, II, and III. She is known for her harlequin face which is white on the left and black on the right. She is a rescue from Border Collie Rescue in Las Vegas. Vegie not only loves flyball, but she also enjoys her walks, doing tricks, and playing Frisbee.
Contact Point’s Rip Tide Zip TF)Blue Merle Border Collie or “Zippy” as he has been nicknamed, is a purebred Blue Merle Border Collie. He is a flyball fanatic who enjoys running, playing, and learning new tricks. Zippy is extremely friendly to all people and most dogs. He has an unmistakable face highlighted by blue eyes, a white head, and a gray patch around his right eye. He is a smiling happy dog who loves to play with toys, frisbee, and tug.
Zoom<br /><br /> Flies Contact Point Encinitas Full Throttle, Zoom is a Tri color Border Collie. A friendly, affectionate boy and a serious athlete in dog sports. He loves Flyball, swimming, running, tugs and toys. The day isn’t complete unless he gets to run.


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