Lisa, G, & Mira

Mira is a 10 1/2 year old Kerry Blue Terrier who doesn’t act much more than 3. She is full of life and energy and there is nothing she enjoys more than running the jump and being rewarded with lots of yummy treats! It was never really the plan to train her in flyball, but she came to practice with G each week and loved doing the jumps whenever the opportunity presented itself. We started working with her on retrieving the ball over the jumps and she loves it! A puppy at heart, she has found a fun new sport to enjoy!

G is a 3 year old cannon ball of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier! After she finished up her career as a show dog, it was time to put her love (obsession) for the tennis ball to good use! She very quickly learned to love flyball after being introduced to the sport. She is know to make all kinds of crazy noises while waiting her turn to run. She still has some more training to do, but once everything comes together, she’s going to be great out there and a lot of fun to watch!


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