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by Brian and Joanne Matsumoto

Thanks to a lot of hard work, preparation, and Miyabi Japanese Steak House, the Ballistic Racers Christmas Party was once again a big success. Over thirty people attended and a Grand prize of a two night stay in Catalina was given away.

The chefs put on a great show while everyone dined on succulent steak, chicken, or seafood. We celebrated five birthdays of Alice, Phyllis, Shay, Su, and Karen. The evening slipped away as we all traded gifts, received gifts, and was topped off with a spectacular slide show from Kelly.

As we enjoyed the birthday cake we congratulated the grand prize winners, Shay and Kevin, who won the two night stay in Avalon. Since they are moving across country, have a new baby, and have not ever been to Catalina, this was the perfect gift.

It’s great to reminisce about how our team started just three years ago with five people and how it now numbers over twenty. We did not imagine that in three years we would have such a large team, so many dogs, and such a huge Christmas Dinner. Flyball is a big part of our lives, and we intend to make it as enjoyable as possible. All of our team members live for our dogs, enjoy the comradary, and try to do our best as we have fun in Flyball Racing.

Have a Merry Christmas, and a
Happy New Year,

Brian, Joanne, Minnie, Vegas, and Zippy




Ballistic Racers recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Union Tribune.  A big hank you to the Union Tribune for taking the time to learn more about us, and the fantastic sport of flyball!

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by Brian and Joanne Matsumoto

The annual “Fun Day” for the Boston Terrier meetup was quite a success. It was held April 24th at the Hidden Valley Obedience Club in Escondido. A full field of mainly black and white Bostons dominated the grounds. There were a few red and brown terriers mixed in, along with other breeds from the flyball team.

Ballistic Racers Flyball Team demonstrated the sport of flyball with large, medium and small dogs. The demos were held between the festivities which included raffles, costume competitions, and games. One of the Boston owners was the D.J. and did a great job at announcing the events, winners, raffle prizes and flyball demonstrations. Boston Terriers make very good flyball dogs with their speed, size, and athletic ability. Some of the Bostons gave flyball a try, and were very successful.

It was a day of enjoyment with food, friends, and man’s best friend. Everyone ate hotdogs, enjoyed the Boston Terrier Festivities, and participated in the activities. With one of the warmest days of spring, it was a fun day for all!

Click here for slideshow.

Ballistic Racers has another record setting dog! This time it’s “Dennis the Vizsla”, who went Ballistic and is now recognized as the “Breed Ambassador”. For 2009 Dennis had a U-fli record setting run time of 5.446 seconds. Owner Kelly Viscosi received his Breed Ambassador Certificate in the mail today, April 9th 2010, the day of the Woofstock Celebration. This means that Dennis the Vizsla was the fastest Vizsla in U-fli for 2009. What a way to end a day of Woofstock, a festival for dogs and people!

Our other record setting dog was Meika, our team’s little Yorkshire Terrier owned by Jennifer Styers. Meika broke the U-fli Yorkshire Terrier record her first time out! She was racing singles at Ramona in November.
Meika's First Tournament

Congratulations to Jen and Meika and Kelly and Dennis!
Team Captains,
Brian and Joanne Matsumoto

The Ballistic Racers Christmas Dinner
Once again our annual Christmas dinner was a huge success. Twenty four of us enjoyed the food and show put on by the chefs at Miyabi Restaurant. Fire, flying utensils and tossed pieces of cooked food were all part of the show. Believe it or not, the food was as good as the show! Everyone participated in a gift exchange which was really fun. People were able to open a new gift or steal a gift from another member. Everyone ended up with a gift, most of which had a dog theme. We were able to celebrate three birthdays as well, with a beautiful chocolate cake and of course singing. Alice, Phyllis, and Shay received the Birthday greetings at this festive occasion. We topped off the night with a delightful CD slide show made and shown by Kelly and her husband Jim. Two hundred twenty nine pictures of the 2009 Ballistic Racers Flyball Team in action were projected on the wall for all to see. These shots included all the dogs and handlers of our entire team. What a year and what a great slide show! Special thanks to all the team members for their generosity in donating to this year’s recipient, Vizsla Rescue. We were able to donate a large crate and a full basket of dog toys, leashes, collars and supplies to a related organization.

Thanks to our team members, Kelly and Jim
for the slide show, Miyabi Restaurant, and
of course all our dogs for another very
successful year of Flyball racing,

Brian and Joanne

One of our most important goals on the Ballistic Racers Flyball Team, is to give back to the community. We feel it is something which we must do in order to keep up the sport of flyball. During the Holiday Season we keep up the spirit by donating a basket of dog gifts to a worthy rescue group. This year we have chosen SoCal Vizsla Rescue since we have acquired Dennis the Vizsla on our team.


6269 Ramona 05-23-09

by Brian Matsumoto, Team Captain

In flyball your dog will receive great exercise and mental stimulation, and have more fun than ever before. He doesn’t know the difference between practice and a tournament, other than tournaments have unfamiliar dogs and his master is very excited. Your dog is having fun just running the course and pleasing you, not necessarily noticing that he is even racing against another team and another dog. (more…)

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